5 Protein Powders You Probably Haven’t Tried!

I try a lot of supplements, especially protein powders. I like to try out what mixes good, what tastes good and what gives you the most bang of your buck. I have tried dozens of protein powers over the years, probably quite a few you haven’t tried! So I thought I’d post some of them up in case you might want to give them a go.

All these protein powders are decent value for money and taste good, I wouldn’t post ones that I didn’t like! These are all whey protein products, not weight gainers etc. If you have any comments or have tried any of these let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page!

5 protein powders you probably haven’t tried!

1. Universal Ultra Whey Pro

Universal Nutrition is really known for products like Animal Pak and Animal M-Stak, but they actually make a whole range of other products! Ultra Whey Pro is around the same price as the other leading brands (if not a bit cheaper), tastes good (I tried chocolate), and is very pure (no additives etc).

2. AST VP2

AST is one of the smaller brands, they produce a lot of vitamins, creatine, glutamine and joint health stuff. They only have a few whey protein products. AST VP2 is a solid product, a lot of people use it for weight loss (it has that reputation) but it’s a pure whey shake so really can be used for both muscle building and weight loss.

3. Gaspari Nutrition IntraPro

Most people only know one products from Gaspari, that’s SuperPump 250, the supplement that they’re famous for. I tried Strawberries and Cream flavor IntraPro last year and really liked it. The problem is it was hard to find in sizes more than 2lbs, so I stopped taking it (I got through about 5lbs per month).

4. MHP Simply Whey

I usually buy online, but my gym had this stuff on sale one time (it was coming up to expiry date) so I bought 5lb tub. Tried the chocolate, wasn’t *too* bad tasting, mixed without a problem. I didn’t mix up to thick, so I didn’t get bloated when downing a post workout shake with carbs in it as well. Price wise it’s about on par with other brands give or take a few dollars.

5. Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Stack

Champion make tons of supplements, mostly cheap ones. In my experience, most of their gear had been pretty low quality, especially their weight gainers. Their stuff works, but it contains a lot of fillers. But, their pure whey protein is an excellent product. Cheaper than most of the others with a pretty similar nutritional breakdown. I had the chocolate, mixed fine and tasted great as well.

Maybe it’s time you tried a few more protein powders. You never know what you might find. You never know til you try right?!

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