Hi, guys! It’s me, Tobi Pearce. I want to make you look perfect. I know how to do it. Just believe me. It won’t take much time, as I am a professional and will help you in every beginning.

How I came to bodybuilding?

Since my childhood, I was amazed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I remember those times when we children were hunting for VHS cassettes with his films. I was a big fan of him. I wanted to look like him. But the trouble was with my weight. I was always a strong and tall boy. But overweight was my problem since I was a teenager. I

wanted to change it. I believed that I could become like my idol. I began to visit a gym. It was a small room with some treadmills. I began to visit it regularly. My coach was a big machine with tons of muscles. And it was he, who noticed my desire and potential.

During some period of time, my muscles began to grow. I noticed that my clothes were too small for me. And that was the first step to an ideal body.

What happened next?

Then I wasn’t satisfied with the result I got. I wanted more and more. I found supplements and complexes of exercise to improve my shape. They were nice. I worked hard and must confess they really work. Of course, it will be impossible without a special diet. Now I know how much good shape costs. I don’t mean money, I count only hours spent in the gym. It is always a challenge for any person. If you are afraid of achieving nothing, get rid of this idea. I know how to help you. This is the aim of the information gathered here.

The main achievement for the whole period is the absence of fat in my body. I can control it easily. It is connected with the right way of eating. I am not a vegan. I like to eat meat, but everything must be consumed reasonably. I have lots of exercises to lose and control weight. If you want to join my community, you are welcome. I will never keep it as a secret. The only thing you need is the desire to achieve perfection. It is an unstoppable process. When you see the first results, you want to get more and more.

I can’t say that I am a copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can say that now I am even better than he. I am at least younger. It is a joke. I achieved much and always support my shape. I have a well-planned schedule what, where and when to eat. It is the same with exercises. Without them, everything would be useless. Leading a healthy life is simple, you get used to it easily. I want to go back to my past. I prefer to live now and look in the future with optimism.