• Get Fired Up Before Your Workouts!

    Get Fired Up Before Your Workouts!

    Weight training and building muscle is all about intensity. Unlike other disciplines that require hours of training in order to progress, weight training requires increased intensity and short training sessions. There are many ways you can increase the intensity of…

  • Bicep Workout That Will Shock Your Guns!

    Bicep Workout That Will Shock Your Guns!

    Everyone wants bigger biceps, no matter how big they are you could always go an extra inch or two right? Here’s some bicep shocking techniques. Pretty much all the posts here on RealWeightTraining stem from my experiences and conversations with…

  • Variations of the Squat!

    Variations of the Squat!

    The squat is the undisputed king of all muscle building exercises! The almighty squat works an incredible 256 muscles in every rep! If you’re not squatting, you really should be. Personally I have seen incredible gains in the 2.5 years…

  • Best Tasting Protein Bars?

    Best Tasting Protein Bars?

    I’ve always liked eating protein bars. I always have a few laying around the house, I keep some at work and I take them when I do other outdoor sports like hiking and mountain bike riding. I’ve tried a few…

  • 5 Common Mistakes Made By New Lifters

    5 Common Mistakes Made By New Lifters

    When I first started training I was clueless. I didn’t know anyone that worked out, I didn’t have the cash for personal training sessions and the only information I had access to was in bodybuilding magazines. Now days new lifters…

  • How To's

    How To Improve Your Grip Strength

    This is going to be the first entry in my “how to” series. I will be writing many how to guides in the future, hopefully answering a lot of the questions that the reader of this blog have. Today I’m…

  • What is Hypertrophy?

    What is Hypertrophy?

    You’ve probably heard the term on bodybuilding sites and magazines, but what exactly does hypertrophy mean? Muscle hypertrophy is a scientific term for the growth and increase of the size of muscle cells. Hypertrophy is what we train for, to…