Barbarian XL Review: Impressive Results or a SCAM?

Every man wills to remain strong, powerful and maintaining his sexual energy for as long as possible. Unfortunately, aging means significant lowering of testosterone amounts in men’s organisms. Speaking shortly, men getting old produce less of their primary sex hormone. And that’s the exact reason for them to lose that sexual power.
In our times, specially developed supplements called to boost testosterone like Barbarian XL are not too rare. They support the man’s organism in refilling itself with the appropriate hormone amounts and fixing its production. The following effect works for libido improvement and muscle strength increasing to make your gym trainings and sexual life more full, satisfying and powerful.

Do you look for the way which wouldn’t be too costly and full of pain to deal with troubles? Is the natural origin of the solution your exact priority? If so, Barbarian XL is your choice. It uses the natural threads to boost the testosterone production and deal with problems the hormone deficiency causes: premature ejaculation, troubles with erection and sexual life, etc.

Spending much money on expensive solutions or even surgeries is not required anymore. Barbarian XL is able to bring you top effective results if only you take it regularly and keep up with prescriptions shown below in the review.

Barbarian XL: What’s That?

This solution is a set of additional pills you take along with eating to regulate the amount of a man’s hormone in your organism. The supplement goes through the natural production channel and supports the entire body and its systems in such repair sessions. The heavy scientific research conducted by the manufacturing company’s experts showed them the top balanced receipt using 100% non-artificial components in a perfectly balanced mix.

One of the focus-ingredients here is the Boswellia resin extract. It is actually a widely used medical thread. However, the Barbarian XL manufacturer states this resin’s effects also include great man’s hormone production improvements.

One more critical component – Tongkat Ali – is a famous aphrodisiac. It boosts the production of a manhood hormone significantly, too, so manufacturers added it to the mix.

Those who plan buying this supplement shouldn’t worry about its natural origin. They manufacture and process all the components in the United States, so the solution responds to all requirements, does not contain artificial chemicals or genetically modified organisms.

Additionally, Zenith Labs company standing behind the reviewed supplement is a widely known and respected supplement producer with its headquarters in USA. The name itself is the synonym of highest quality.

Components Included

Obviously, the review would not be full without a detailed and explained list of Barbarian XL ingredients. Here they are:

Extract of Boswellia

The already mentioned resin extract of a tree growing in Israel and Oman. The great effectiveness and usefulness of this component origins from its ability to detox one’s organism in a natural way. The Isfahan University research conducted some time ago showed Boswellia’s ability to defend one’s cells and tissues before free radicals and toxic materials. To simplify, this ingredient prevents inner cell inflammation processes caused by pesticides that are usually present in one’s diet.

As the inner cell inflammation processes contribute a lot into testosterone decreasing, it is critical to prevent them and keep those that happened under heavy control to neutralize them and keep testosterone levels on the appropriate marks required for the systems to function properly.

Other scientists from Padova Uni also explored the Boswellia’s ability to defend the organism against inflammation consequences like testosterone deletion.

Extract of Ashwagandha

The component origins from Indian mountains and valleys. The local traditional medicine has been using it for centuries to help men support their strength by boosting testosterone production. The extract additionally influences the growth of muscle mass, metabolism and overall energy positively. So, it lets you work out more effectively, reduce anxiety and free yourself of overwhelming stress of the modern world.

Tongkat Ali

The herbal plant origins from Malaysian woods. The research since 2012 proved it actually improves testosterone production.  The effectiveness of this plant is caused by the complex of amino acids able to transform two hormones called progesterone and pregenolone to receive testosterone as a result. Additionally, rurypeptides contained there add some curing abilities and raise the organism’s overall tonus, endurance and physical strength.

Blood of the Mountain aka Shilajit

Growing on the highest mountain of the planet, Everest, and additionally appearing on other Himalayan districts on rock sides, Shilajit is the paste that includes the mineral complex of 82 components. This is the third ultimate argument of Barbarian XL to promote one’s testosterone level growth. As the paste takes effect, your libido and sexuality increase, and the body additionally gets cleaned of free radicals and toxic materials.

Red Ginseng of Korea

This ingredient works for your general well-being improvement. It actually has a lot of threads to impact men’s organisms particularly with positive changes: Ginseng is able help you stand against the loss of memory and the men’s reproductive system malfunctions equally well. The International Journal of Impotence conducted some research proving that Red Ginseng is able to improve the sexual functions of men’s organisms and to empower their immunity as a whole to boost health and ability to stand against infections.

The Nutrituion Supportive Complex

The receipt additionally goes in for assistance of vital minerals and vitamins like zinc, magnesium, B and D vitamins, etc. These elements maintain proper functionality of the entire organism and all of its systems by neutralizing nutrition issues potentially causing the lack of testosterone. And of course, the improved nutrition means your organism will get the supplement components activated and reaching their peak effectiveness faster.

How to Take Barbarian XL?

The bottle containing the supplement capsules has all the required instructions printed on it. Reading them attentively and carefully is strongly recommended. As the official info by Zenith Labs says, the client needs to take two capsules daily to get all the beneficial effects of Barbarian XL.

Any Unwanted Side Effects?

The official site of the product states there are no side effects that might be caused by the Zenith Labs solution. The all-natural set of components means the all-natural influence they cause on your organism. However, those having particular medical treatment prescriptions are highly suggested to visit their expert before going in for the supplement.

Barbarian XL Prices

The company does not provide clients with any trial period for the supplement. Another point of consideration is the fact that Barbarian XL can only be bought from the official manufacturer’s website. On one side, this distribution policy limits the chance and timing for clients to get the solution for their troubles, as they obligatory need to wait for the delivery from Zenith Labs. But on the other side, that is how the company guarantees their clients to get a 100% original product.

Every bottle contains 60 doses (pills, capsules) and is actually affordable for anyone. Its original price is 79 dollars. Moreover, the manufacturer is confident about your satisfaction with the product as the company offers the no-question money back otherwise.

To Sum It Up

The Barbarian XL solution is the absolute recommendation for every male person struggling against sexual malfunctions or willing to restore their libido from the past young years, proven by the manufacturer’s expertize and the independent reviews. Keeping up with the printed instructions will help you feel the effect of the affordable and original solution by Zenith labs pretty quickly. Barbarian XL does not provoke side effects as it consists of exclusively natural components.

Order it right now and restore your manpower!

Barbarian XL






Overall Mark


Customer Satisfaction Rates





  • All-natural ingredients of the receipt guarantee easy replenishment of the organism with required vitamins, proteins and other “building” materials
  • The boost of testosterone provides the organism with more energy so you have enough endurance for tough physical load both in your gym or in bedroom
  • The receipt designed specifically for men enhances the libido level leading to the boost of sexual wills and behavior;
  • The solution additionally improves one’s shape by influencing fat tissues and reducing their amount in the organism along with the muscle improvement;
  • Both sexual endurance and physical condition get improved to guarantee your life becomes full of impressions and satisfaction once again
  • Barbarian XL is designed to provide you with its effect quickly. As the manufacturer says, you’ll feel the results clearly in just several weeks
  • The solution is totally safe to consume it and suits for males of any age again because of its exclusively natural ingredients. All you should do is keep up with the recommended doses


  • Only available online at the official site, meaning you can’t get it in a local store on demand
  • It is recommended to consult the expert before you start taking it, especially if you have some special medical needs

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