Bodybuilding Glossary

If you are a beginner bodybuilder you should definitely familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of this direction. This will help you avoid awkward situations and quickly master the basics of this sport.


This group of terms includes:

  1. Anti-catabolic is a substance or substance that provokes tissue accumulation by inhibiting catabolic mechanisms. This leads to the dominance of anabolic processes.
  2. Bioavailability is a concept that characterizes the unhindered absorption of certain substances by the digestive tract. Total absorption and absorption rates are directly related to bioavailability.
  3. Coenzyme is a compound of organic origin that can interact with a specific type of enzyme for the purpose of its subsequent activation. As a rule, B vitamins act as coenzymes.
  4. Efficacy is a concept that comes from pharmacology. It is used to describe the response of a supplement introduced into the body in any dosage. It is known that some medications have a much greater degree of impact on the body. Therefore, their efficacy is higher.
  5. Free radicals are highly reactive compounds characterized by the presence of an unpaired electron. Metabolism stimulates the formation of free radicals in the body. This leads to cell damage. These compounds are the main causes of ageing and the development of various diseases. It is recommended to use antioxidants for this purpose to suppress the destructive effects of free radicals.


Following terms are included in this group:

  1. GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) includes food ingredients that have not been evaluated by the FDA. Also, food components that were used before amendment 19S9 to the law on food additives, medicines, and cosmetics were adopted.
  2. Isolates are compounds that were obtained as a result of their separation from the product they were part of.
  3. Metabolite is a substance obtained in the process of metabolism. This can be either an intermediate product or a completely spent product.
  4. Natural this definition is used for products or food additives that have not been processed and do not contain artificial elements in their composition (dyes, flavor enhancers, etc.). This term is not legally defined today.
  5. Nutraceuticals are food components that provide medical benefits in combination with basic nutrition. They are consumed to prevent a number of diseases.


The category includes the next terms:

  1. Organic – the definition is used in relation to agricultural products that have been grown using biological, mechanical, and cultural methods. Work on assigning a legal definition of the term “organic” is underway in the US Department of agriculture today.
  2. Patent is a numerical distinction that is assigned to a specific invention, process, etc. by the United States Patent Office. The document gives exclusive rights to the invention or product.
  3. Prohormones are compounds that can be transformed into hormones inside the body. They are produced by the glands and wait for further processing in it. They turn into functional hormones after that. Some prohormones are available today in the form of sports supplements.
  4. The reduction is a process similar to oxidation, in which compound gains electrons.
  5. Supraphysiological consumption or accumulation of a substance in a volume that is several times higher than the amount needed to ensure normal physiological processes.


Carefully read the key terms encountered in the environment of bodybuilders. Try to remember the definitions of each of them. This will increase your level of knowledge in this area.

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