CytoSport Fast Twitch Review – The Zero Caffeine Solution!

Alright guys n girls, it’s time to review CytoSport Fast Twitch Caffeine Free! I have been itching to try this stuff since I stopped taking Gaspari’s SuperPump 250 because of the caffeine it contained. Like a lot of people, I am very caffeine sensitive. One cup of coffee and I’m bouncing off the walls! But a few hours later I’m crashing and have no energy.

I have been taking CytoSport Fast Twitch for about 6 1/2 weeks now and thought I’d share some of my experiences with it, especially since I’ve tried quite a few nitric oxide products.

My CytoSport Fast Twitch Review:

Before I get started, I want to remind everyone that I’m reviewing the caffeine free version of CytoSport Fast Twitch.

First off, I didn’t get the mad rush that I got form other nitric oxide supplements. This is almost certainly down to caffeine content. Like I mentioned earlier, even small amounts of caffeine give me a rush.

The first few workouts I had noticeably more energy, but didn’t notice any “muscle pump” difference. By the end of the first week on it I was gradually starting to feel much bigger and stronger in the gym, and the pumps were getting as solid as they had on other NO pre-workout drinks.

Solid. All this and no sign of crashing at all. The energy from the product is solid, and I found myself not only powering through my workouts but feeling energetic and string after as well.

I have taken it for over 6 weeks now and still have the same effects I had in the first 2 weeks. When I tried some other nitric oxide products I had to cycle them every 3 weeks otherwise the effects would just ware off. This is yet another side effect of having caffeine in the mix.

And for those that ended up on the toilet after taking NO boosters, you need not worry about that either, remove the caffeine and the problem goes away.

So this stuff is getting the thumbs up from me. An awesome pre-workout drink, without any of those bad sife effects caused by excess caffeine. If you’re can’t tolerate caffeibe like me, you should give this a shot.


  • Taste: tastes like bubble gum (grape) 9/10
  • Mixability: easy 10/10
  • Effectiveness 7/10

Any questions you want to ask me about CytoSport Fast Twitch, post in the questions below.

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