Easy Boxing for beginners: surprise your body, quickly burn fat and forget about stress

Everything irritates and infuriates? Let off steam and burn a couple of pounds of extra weight at the same time! Today Be! offers a real Boxing training option for beginners. Physically, it will not be easy, but you will get 100% moral satisfaction, as well as a useful effect in the form of strengthening muscles and burning fat. In addition, it is always interesting to try something new: what if a real fighter “sleeps” in you? Many people are embarrassed to enroll in the section because of their age, a large number of students, shyness and fear of failure. That’s why we offer a home Boxing workout that will test your strength and burn off excess fat. You won’t even need special sports equipment! Shall we begin?” 😉

Easy Boxing for beginners

The first rule of our fight club is not to tell Anyone about him. The second rule: Yes is the same as the first 😉

Source of quotes about the rules of the club, and in combination a great movie about the fighting spirit and not only. If you haven’t watched it, we highly recommend it!
But the third rule is the most important-always warm up before exercise. No matter how lazy and boring it is, you can’t skip the warm-up. If you like, you can think of it as a training session before a real fight 😉 By the way, the fighters are not in vain before entering the ring, too, “spread out” and “stretch”. It is very important to get your muscles in shape in order to conduct the fight (and in our case, training) effectively and without injury.

So, where do we start? We will warm up today as usual, but with a peculiar bias in Boxing. In General, you will understand everything along the way, the main thing is to start performing the exercises!

Are you in a sports uniform with water supplies (at least 1 liter) and a dry towel? Then start the timer on your fitness bracelet, smart watch or phone and start training! The warm-up consists of several blocks:

Joint warm-up. Bending and rotating the neck, throwing up the shoulders, rotating with straight arms, bent at the elbows, and hands. Swings of the arms up and down, diagonally; jerks from the chest. Tilts sideways, tilts down (we reach the feet with our hands), tilts back. Rotation of the body, rotation of the pelvis, rotation of the knee joints, rotation of the feet.

Stretching. Hand behind the head, the other holds the elbow and pushes the first hand behind the head (pull the triceps). The outstretched hand, palm up, the other covers the palm and pulls it back as much as possible (pull the brush). Tilt the body sideways with an outstretched arm, hold in this position for a few seconds (pull the oblique abdominal muscles). We lie down on the floor, raise ourselves on fully straightened arms, the pelvis is pressed to the floor, “pull” the press and hold in this position for up to 30 seconds. We do a Shin sweep, hold the raised leg with the hand, pull the front surface of the thigh. We sit in the “lunge” position, pull the back of the thigh.
Muscle tone. Push your arms away from your chest (as if holding a stick and pushing it away from you), perform 10 push-UPS. The complex is repeated 3 times. Next, 30 seconds run in place, 30 seconds stand in the bar on your elbows (or on straightened arms), repeat 3 times without rest. We do a few side lunges and a dozen or two squats, work out the glutes.
Boxing work. 5 minutes of light shadow fighting. We strike with the left and right hand, Dodge the enemy’s blows, make dives and moves.
This is how the warm-up came out today. Did you get your first sweat? So you did everything right! But if you’re not, and it’s not even the shortness of breath: do not work! Boxing is a sport of real gentlemen, and no one but yourself can be deceived here. So, let’s do it again, but this time “with sense, with feeling, with arrangement”.

By the way, the warm-up and training will be much more fun with a high-quality soundtrack. Turn on this, this or any other music selection from Be! and train with a huge charge of motivation!

Fly like a butterfly

After an invigorating warm-up, we move on to the main part of the workout. Many people think that in Boxing, all attention is paid to the hands, because kicking is prohibited. But in fact, the boxer’s feet, like the wolf’s, are fed. So now we will try to perform Boxing training on the legs, which, by the way, is very difficult.

Exercise “Boxing step”. The jump is performed with the transfer of weight from one leg to the other. Thanks to the storage for the GIF gifer.com

Exercise “Boxing step”. The jump is performed with the transfer of weight from one leg to the other.
To perform the exercises, you will need a jump rope, but if it is not available (or there are not enough conditions for jumping), it’s okay. What are we doing? We jump as if we have a jump rope 😉 You don’t need to rotate your hands, but your feet do all the work non-stop:

30 sec-jumping on two legs;
1 min-jumping “Boxing step” (transferring the body weight first to the left, then to the right leg, etc.);
30 seconds-running on the spot;
1 min – 10 jumps on one leg, then change to the other leg;
30 sec-running with a high hip lift;
1 min-jumping “Boxing” step;
30 sec-jumping on two legs as fast as possible;
1 min-light running on the spot;
30 sec-cross-legged jumps;
1 min – “Boxing” step;
30 sec-jumps forward, backward, sideways (on 2 legs, legs together);
1 minute-easy running forward, backward, on the sides (we move on the front of the foot, do not put the heel on the floor!);
1 minute-mixed style (jumping on two legs, on one, Boxing step).
Important warning! Monitor your health and take breaks if necessary. It is commendable to achieve this goal, but not at the cost of your own health!
It took a lot of work, didn’t it? But all the Affairs and concerns of the past day were somehow immediately forgotten and erased from memory. Is your mind so clear that you don’t want to think about anything but rest? But let’s drink some water and continue training, because we haven’t burned enough fat yet! 😉

Sorry as a bee
The “combat” part of our training has finally arrived! Are you ready to try yourself as Ali or Tyson? Let’s go, as our English friends say!

The work will consist of 5 rounds of 2 minutes, because we are still beginners. Between rounds – 1 minute of active rest. What does active mean? You can not stand, sit or lie down: you need to move easily, run, jump, breathe deeply and restore strength. The rounds themselves are extremely simple:

#1-fight with your shadow, throwing one straight left or right hand punch. Do not forget that the shadow has not only a face, but also a body, which is sometimes even much more painful to hit 😉
#2-we do Boxing “Twos”: we easily beat with the left and immediately send a powerful right kick after us. If you are left-handed, then the opposite is true for you.
#3-we deal one or two blows, immediately make a slope or go to the side. In other words, we conduct our attack and avoid the enemy’s retaliatory attacks.
# 4-we hit light blows, not much invested, but very often. We develop the endurance of our hands and do not forget about defense, because the main task of a boxer is not to miss the opponent’s attack.
#5-move, Dodge, and shift more often. For the most part, we deal single blows to the enemy: we hit rarely, but with all our remaining strength.
How was your workout? Something’s missing, isn’t it? Aah, we forgot to end the shock fight with a winning series of push-UPS. We perform 20 repetitions and, preferably, as quickly as possible, so that our hands do not lose the load and get used to being strong as a fighter!
Steel press
Let’s finish today’s “surprise” for the body with a powerful pumping of the press. The core muscles are very important: they reduce the load on the spine and joints, and significantly increase the impact power, if we talk specifically about Boxing. Therefore, we take a Mat or simply, without any preparations, like severe wars, lie down on the floor and complete the training with the following complex:

Body lifts with simultaneous punches – 1 minute;
Leg lifts (lying on your back) – 1 minute;
Bike – 1 minute;
Twisting while sitting (the body is raised, the legs are on the weight, with a turn, we take our hands to the side and behind the body as much as possible) – 1 minute;
Elbow plank – 1 minute;
Lifting the body from the prone position (hyperextension) – 1 minute;
Touching the heels with your hands (lying on your back, legs bent at the knee, heels removed from the pelvis by 10-15 cm) – 1 minute.
A powerful press is one of the components of a strong strike and successful defense, so fighters devote a lot of time to training the core. Thanks to the storage for the photo pixabay.com
A powerful press is one of the components of a strong strike and successful defense, so fighters devote a lot of time to training the core. Thanks to the storage for the photo pixabay.com
Has your fighting spirit improved? We don’t ask about fat, because it was definitely burned! So, only with a load 2-3 times higher, Amateur and professional boxers train regularly. Of course, this is only a small piece of the entire training mosaic, but you got your first idea of Boxing with it. Do you think it’s worth continuing on? In our opinion, Boxing is an excellent tool for strengthening the body, spirit and even mind, because there is also a need to think 😉

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