How to join the sport for beginners

A healthy lifestyle is not a fashion trend, but a rational view of life. We all want to be healthy, strong and energetic, but life makes its own adjustments to these plans. Laziness, sedentary work, accumulated fatigue, poor nutrition and a broken sleep regime are frequent companions of each of us. These factors can be avoided for a while, but sooner or later their negative impact will affect your health and well-being. To postpone or even neutralize this moment of X as much as possible, it is enough just to keep your body in shape, “loading” it with physical activity in time.

How to start your path to sports and how not to be lazy to do exercises every day-these are the theses that #be will analyze today! Join the reading and start changing your life for the better!
Me and sport-the beginning of the road
How does the path to the top begin? That’s right, with the thought of the first step. And if you have already thought “it would be good if I started (started) playing sports”, then congratulations – the beginning is made. However, if you are plagued by doubts and self-doubt, we recommend that you listen to the following tips for motivation.

Age-an excuse

The first training sessions can be held at 4 years old, at 15 years old, at 24-34 years old, at 55 years old, and even at 70. Yes, these are not empty words! Sports for young people is just a stereotype associated with competitive activities at the highest level. The Olympic games, world Championships and professional sports, of course, have their own age limits, but at the Amateur level, competitions are held in a variety of age categories. And to become a Sprinter in 50-60 or even 80 is quite possible for everyone.

Laziness is a temptation

Got up in the morning in a bad mood and do not even want to think about any training? Don’t think that way, just do the planned work. Just as appetite comes with eating, so motivation for sports comes with exercise. From the beginning, it may be difficult, but after 10 minutes you will forget about the bad mood and unwillingness to go to training.

Constraint is a barrier

Sports for beginners are often unavailable due to the psychological barrier in the beginner’s head.

In the gym (or on the Playground) I will look ridiculous and ridiculous-almost 90% of beginners think so.
Don’t fill your head with such nonsense! Without exception everyone likes except dollars or euros, and the rest of people’s opinions constantly at odds. So feel free to take care of your health and listen to other people’s opinions only when they are really useful. And envy, ridicule and just empty anger should not be perceived as something important!


Another common problem of how to start playing sports is lack of time. And here it is important to understand a simple truth: our life is inextricably linked with the current time.

In fact, there is always time, the only question is how you use it. Undoubtedly, sometimes current Affairs do not allow you to allocate even 30 minutes a day for physical education. But after all, this training can take only 4-5 minutes (for example, the TABATA Protocol). And believe me, it is better to devote these 5 minutes to the health of the body than just sit on a chair or chat on the Internet. So it is not time that is to blame for delaying your sports start, but the same tempting laziness.

The possibilities are diverse

And the last point in the opposition to Zzhu is the opinion that “I’m missing something”.

For example, a person would go to work out, but they don’t have running shoes. Or they may not be able to pay for a gym subscription, so they will have to postpone the start of sports again.
You know, hand on heart, such excuses can be made up endlessly. Only here the years go by and health without care and support becomes worse. Such is the harsh course of life. So maybe you should forget about minor flaws and focus on the main thing? Each of us has different opportunities, but each of us is quite capable of finding a way out of this situation. After all, the head is given not only to eat in it 😉

Here are 5 aspects of sports motivation. We hope these tips helped you overcome your doubts and decide to start your physical education life. What should be the first training session and what beginners should not do exactly? Let’s figure it out!

Sports for beginners-mistakes and first training sessions

First of all, sports for beginners should be associated with the rule of three ” do NOT»:

No hurry. The load should be increased evenly. Today we did one repetition, tomorrow three, in a week 5, etc. But not the other way around 😉
Not imitate. You should like sports, and then physical education will be a joy, not a burden. Therefore, it is important to find your sports hobby, and not blindly follow the fashion trends in the world, in the country, in the city or “in the area”.
Don’t overwork it. Rest and recovery are the most important principles of sports progress. Daily training can be carried out, but the load should not be excessive.
Believe me, these laws are extremely important to follow, otherwise the first training sessions will not bring the results that were expected.

Haste, too heavy exercises and engaging in an uninteresting sport are common mistakes of beginners.
And they lead only to one thing-a complete rejection of physical culture. And at the same time, as you understand, care for your own health disappears. So take your time, alternate between training and rest days, and look for the sport you really like.

As for the format of classes, the first training session of a beginner in sports should be strictly planned. Why? Because if you come to the Playground or to the gym just like that and do everything in a row (read nothing sensible), then the relationship with sports will not immediately start. Sport is a discipline, as well as a clear understanding of the goals and objectives set. So before you go out, make a lesson plan. For example, like this:

Warm-up (Mandatory part!);
Easy running for 5 minutes;
10 push-UPS;
30 squats;
Pull-UPS (vis on the horizontal bar).

This is if you are interested in strength training. For those who prefer running and martial arts, the plan may be as follows:

A light jog;
Shadow boxing;
Testing of shock equipment;
Bars, horizontal bars and vis.

At home, beginners in sports all the more need to make strict training schedules. The fact is that home comfort relaxes, and the degree of self-control is significantly reduced. I want to be a little lazy, finish training and go faster to drink tea or watch TV. Only a strict training plan helps you resist these temptations, so don’t be lazy to set certain goals and force yourself to achieve them! Here are examples of home training for beginners.

As you can see, everything is quite easy and simple. A little practice, and you will be able to schedule such training for at least a month in advance. The main thing to remember about your health and do not delay the start of sports, relying on motivational tips that #be! I tried to give it in today’s article.

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