I’m not shy about going to the gym anymore. The Golden rule for beginners

Excessive suspiciousness, fear of being ridiculed, fear of change: these vices can and should be eliminated. In General, by nature, man is a weak being. We lose out to other forms of life even in physical conditions, and since people are also endowed with the ability to think and feel acutely, psychological weaknesses become an additional burden. But that’s what a person is given the gift of thinking: learn to manage your abilities. This is real. And as an example #be! it will tell you how to overcome the fear and laziness that interfere with your physical development. Read it, the information is interesting 😉

Why am I self-conscious?

Really, why? The roots of the problem lie in the perception of the world through the prism of society. Now, let us explain.

Here’s a baby being born. He does not care who (what) and how it looks, he just admires the world as it is by nature. The child is sincere and open, because everything takes for granted. But as we grow older, we move further and further away from the pure perception of the world and plunge into the abyss of social views. We begin to perceive the world and ourselves in it under the influence of other people’s opinions and actions: that’s what mom said, that’s what friends do, that’s what popular celebrities look like. Do you see what this Is all about?

To the fact that you are shy just because you think you are worse than others.

Yes, you are the one who nurtured this complex. Of course, largely under the influence of other people, but…

You can overcome fear and shyness in front of others only on your own.
So, to the question “why am I shy?» everyone has to answer for themselves. And do not be lazy to look for answers, because knowing the causes of problems, it is much easier to cope with complexes. And in order not to be unfounded, we will show a solution to this situation using the example of sports.

How not to be shy and start playing sports in the gym or on the outdoor Playground
#if! I have repeatedly raised the topic of the importance of physical development. So in order not to repeat, let’s say briefly:

Without physical exercise, it is impossible to become a harmoniously developed person.
So those who are interested in self-development and self-improvement are well aware that there is no place without sports in this business. But such a thing is psychology: a person can not always take and start doing, even if they understand the importance of this act. In the case of sports, this behavior is caused by two main factors: laziness and shyness.

How to overcome laziness

Let’s start with what to do if you are too lazy to play sports. In fact, the answer is simple: get up from the couch, put on a tracksuit and go to exercise. It sounds easy and simple, but in fact it is at this stage that most beginners get stuck.
That is, they understand the benefits of sports very well, but they are too lazy to do it in the gym, on the Playground, or even at home. If you recognize yourself as an Amateur athlete in this description, try asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Is sport important in a person’s life?
  2. What are the benefits of regular exercise?
  3. Are you a strong person?
  4. Are your words worth something?
  5. Do you want to improve your life?

We think you no longer need to explain how to overcome laziness. Are you ready to go to training and work hard 😉 But seriously, there are two ways to fight laziness:

1) Do not go on about your thoughts to sleep longer or lie down to watch a movie, but just take it, get ready and start training.
2) Change the training mode. If you are really too lazy to do cardio or strength training today, it doesn’t matter – do stretching or light fitness. It’s better to change your workout plan than skip it altogether.
That’s all the secrets! Too lazy people, alas, are unlikely to be able to use them. But all those who are used to postponing the start of sports until tomorrow or next Monday, now know what they can lose, and understand how to act. So do not show weakness and self-pity, because you are a strong person 😉

How to overcome shyness and get rid of the fear of people

The second most important question for a beginner in sports: what to do if you are shy of other people. The answer is again obvious – to overcome fear. But first, as we have already said, you need to find out the reasons for fear. Regarding training in the gym or on the street, there are two main “problems” for beginners:
I’m self-conscious about my body. This includes everything related to the appearance of a person: height, weight, figure, the presence of various features, and even clothing. Sometimes even such a small thing as a training suit puts pressure on a person.
I am ashamed of my inability. It is a paradox, but really a large part of people do not play sports for fear of being ridiculed. Such people often feel that they have been wrongly looked at, laughed at, and mentally despised.
And now be! he will tell you why you don’t need to worry about such thoughts at all.

In General, the first thing you need to get rid of: fear that someone will look at you and judge you. Moreover, this point is typical for each of the identified problems. Always keep in mind the idea that you are doing it for yourself and not for someone else. And someone else’s chatter is unlikely to change anything in your life… But your own actions will 100% bring the long-awaited changes.
Look, you can be shy about your appearance, but it should not develop into a complex. On the contrary, ask yourself the purpose is to identify deficiencies that you can correct the strength. Please review motivation interview  with Doug Miller.

Do you want to tighten your belly and get rid of fat accumulation?

For example, let’s take excess weight as a fairly common problem. It is normal that you are embarrassed to wear too tight or open clothing. But to be shy to run, do fitness, pump your abs with folds of fat on your stomach is stupid. Yes, even if you have visible creases. But only regular classes will remove them. Do you understand?
If you are shy, absolutely nothing will change!
Therefore, put out of your head the stupid fear of appearing ridiculous and start moving towards your goal. No one else will do it.

Exercise and adjust your diet – then the results will definitely appear!

The same can be said about “clumsiness” in sports. Experienced athletes do not just perform high loads: they also do it beautifully. But many beginners, due to their inexperience, simply cannot perform the exercises technically correctly – and this is NORMAL. In order to learn something, you need time and the desire to master science. Therefore, it’s stupid to be afraid to do new exercises – try any sport that interests you, because this is the only way you can find something really your own. And both by the strength of the hobby,and by the strength of the effect.

So why am I shy about playing sports?

Because I’m not sure of myself and replace actions with stupid thoughts.
It doesn’t matter if you bought a subscription to a fitness center or preferred outdoor sports-just go and do your job. As corny as it sounds. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel by inventing incomprehensible exercises, or think for everyone on the court: why they looked, what they said, whether they smiled like that. Take a suitable training program and complete it.

And then again. And more. And more. And one more time or two.
And after a few such classes, you will not notice that you will be drawn into sports and a healthy lifestyle. And questions like how not to be shy in the gym or on the horizontal bars in the yard, and never bother you again. Be confident, follow your own path and get better every day!

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