Review of MuscleTech Amino Build BCAA

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that there’s some supplements I consider staples. These products are backed by solid scientific research and I recommend them for any guys looking to gain weight, strength and size. For those of you who don’t read RWT regularly, here they are:

  • Whey protein powder
  • Creatine
  • BCAAs
  • EFAs
  • Multivitamin

I always take these supplements, no matter what. I experiment with many others but I never change my staples. This is a good way of testing new products that come to the market and really getting a feel for how the work for you personally. Anyway, let’s get back on topic!


MuscleTech Amino Build Review

Today my tub of MuscleTech Amino Build arrived. I usually use Muscle & Strength Hydramino or Scivation Xtend as my BCAA source but really wanted to give MuscleTech a try. My reason for doing this is MuscleTech are really starting to up their game. The product line 2 years ago was a joke. Like I mean, a real joke! Their product claims and ingredient profiles were a laughing stock my anyone who knows anything about workout nutrition. These products were simply aimed at newbies who didn’t know any different. I’ve noticed things have been really changing over at MuscleTech. They have dropped their BS claims and only started releasing products with no “proprietary blends” and clinically dosed ingredients.

So their newest product is Amino Build. It’s an intra-workout BCAA product much like Scivation Xtend. After a week of using Amino Build, here’s what I thought of it:

Nutritional Profile – 10/10
Nutritionally the profile in Amino Build is weaker than Xtend or Hydramino. Honestly, I didn’t notice this until I had the tub in front of me. In order to get slightly more BCAAs than its 2 main competitors you need to take 2 scoops. This means that there’s only 15 serves of a few bucks more in price. This put me off a lot, I thought I was getting 30 servings for around $26 which is a good deal. Price and number of scoops aside, Amino Build does have a slightly better nutritional profile than Xtend. You get slightly more BCAAs per serve and the addition of Taurine.

Taste – 10/10
I loved the taste, like I mean really loved it. It kind of reminded me of the old formula of Scivation Xtend. The powder was very fine and it mixed up effortlessly in a glass with a spoon and in my shaker with ice.

Price – 5/10
Amino Build really let me down here. Nutritionally it’s a solid product but as I mentioned before, you need to take 2 scoops to get the required BCAAs for men which makes the 30 serving container actually only 15 servings. It’s a pity, because I really like the product.

Final Score – 25/30

If you’ve tried Amino Build please let me know what you thought about it in the comments.

The other thing I wanted to share in this post is Scivation will be coming out with a new pre-workout soon. I have a lot of respect for Scivation as a brand, Xtend pretty much created the intra-workout category of supplements and is backed by a ton of research (which is why it’s one of my staples). Scivation Psycho will be the name of this new product and it’s looking pretty decent at this stage. I know they’ll be getting samples of it soon so I’ll try and hook some up to give away to reader on RWT.

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