Sample Weight Training Diet For Muscle Growth

I get a lot of emails from confused weight trainers who know a lot about lifting weights, but not a lot about building a good weight training diet/supplements program to back it up. When answering emails I have often used my diet program as an example of a good well rounded muscle growth plan.

So I am going to post a sample slice of my daily weight training diet routine, including the supplements that I take as well. This is simply meant to be an example that you can build on to create your own diet plan.

My weight training diet:


  • Immediately upon waking, 40g of whey protein with water.
  • 30 mins after that cereal with milk, and a class of grape juice.

Mid morning:

  • One of my meals that I bulk prepare on Sund afternoon. This is usually chilli with rice, pasta, or some kind of stew. You can keep these in the fridge/freezer for easy access and portion them to suit your calorie goals.


  • I prepare lunch daily. Usually 1 chicken breast, whole wheat roll, salad, and oil dressing made with Udo’s Essential oils (a blend off omega-3/6/9 oils)

30mins after lunch:

  • Animal Pak – the best multivitamin pack around, I can’t even get into explaining how good this product is. I recommend to all trainers, male or female.

20mins prior to workout:

  • Take NO (nitric oxide) product. I am using Horsepower right now, because it’s cheap 

    ***** WORKOUT *****

    Immediately after workout:

    • 40g of whey protein/60g of waximaize or dextrose/5g of creatine/5g of glutamine in my post workout shake.

    Dinner time:

    • If I had white meat at lunch (chicken/turkey), I’ll try to have read meat at dinner. A 200g cut of lean beef, broccoli (I love my vegetable), baked potato.

    Evening meal:

    • This is usually a smaller snack meal, might have some cottage cheese and crackers, yogurt, fruit, etc.

    Before bed:

    • Casein protein shake. Usually have around 40g of casein with water. If you don’t like the taste with water, have it with milk. It will up the calories slightly but that’s fine when you want to gain.

    There you go, that’s a good sample of what I eat on a daily basis. That diet right there comes to around 3,350 calories. You can easily adjust the portion sizes to suit your individual calorie needs. If you have any questions post in the comments below.

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