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This review on Sports Illustrated Nutrition is meant for information purposes only! A dietic supplement is a substance that is not a medicine and is used when eating, it can also be included in its composition. The difference between biological supplements and pharmaceuticals is that latter is needed to eliminate the symptoms of a disease that has already developed.

Dietary supplements are necessary for the formation of enzymes. They do not eliminate diseases completely, because they have different mechanisms and principles of action. They restore the functioning of the main systems of internal organs. You can take dietary aids throughout your life, while medicines are designed only for a certain course of treatment.

Supplements can have many beneficial properties:

  • they contain only natural herbal ingredients;
  • the metabolic process and general metabolism are stabilized well thanks to supplements;
  • as part of supplements, there are many vitamins that make up for the deficiency.

The problem is that not all dietary supplements have been clinically tested. Many companies, trying to save on production, add components of dubious origin to the composition of additives. Also, their interaction with various pharmaceuticals has not been studied. Therefore, there may be negative aspects:

  • psychological dependence, which is difficult to get rid of;
  • the lack of the desired effect;
  • if the composition contains toxic and poisonous components, serious consequences can occur.

But it’s not the case with Sports Illustrated Nutrition. The company has been manufacturing safe and clinically tested products for years. Keep reading to know more about the brand!

Sports Illustrated Nutrition: Overview

Sports Illustrated Nutrition has been on the market for several years producing dietary supplements for various issues.It was updated in 2020 when the brand has released a few new products. The company is officially registered by the address1289 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33487. It provides around-the-clock customer support via email and phone.

Available Products

Sports Illustrated Nutrition sells products containing mainly natural components for different purposes. Generally speaking, all the supplements can be divided into three main categories:

Category Subcategory Product Titles Average Price per Bottle

Brain Health

Cognitive Support Brain Formula

Brain Formula Copy

Plant-Based Omega-3

MCT Oil Powder

~27 dollars
Brain Health Support
Mood Improvement
Focus Enhancement

Nutrition and Wellness

Collagen + Enzymes (for bone support, skin, hair and nails) Plant-Based Omega-3

Joint Health Supplement

Collagen + Enzymes

Weight Management/Digestion Support
Immunity Support

Energy and Performance

Energy and Stamina Support Intensi-T

Nitric Oxide

Pre-Workout & Post-Workout formulas

MCT Oil Powder

Whey Protein Isolate

Blood Flow & Vascular Support
Exercise Recovery
Muscle Growth

Sports Illustrated Nutrition: Pricing

Prices for Sports Illustrated Nutrition supplements vary from $23.99 to $28.99.


Currently, there are no discounts for bigger orders and most products are sold out. Yet, the company offers free delivery for purchases worth 50 dollars or more.

Possible Adverse Effects of SIN Supplements

Based on customers’ comments and numerous reviews, Sports Illustrated Nutrition products don’t provoke adverse reactions. Negative effects are possible only in case of overdose or hypersensitivity to certain components. The most widespread allergic reactions and overdose manifestations we’ve managed to find in the comments are:

  • vomiting;
  • sickness;
  • dizziness and drowsiness;
  • general weakness.

How to Use Sports Illustrated Nutrition Formulas

Most Sports Illustrated Nutrition products are manufactured in the form of gelatin-covered capsules. They are supposed to be taken with a sufficient amount of water, green tea, or juices. Dietary supplements aren’t recommended to be mixed with coffee or alcohol-containing beverages. The common daily dose for SIN products is 2-3 capsules maximum. Dietic additives should be administered for at least 30 days to provide significant changes.

Refund Policy

In case your order has been damaged during delivery, you aren’t satisfied with a supplement’s effects, or you experience some side effects from a Sports Illustrated Nutrition product, you can send it back within 60 days. For this, get in touch with customer support on the official site.

The Most Popular Sports Illustrated Nutrition Supplements

There are certain products that are always in great demand. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Joint Health Formula

The Joint Health supplement contains two important ingredients – glucosamine and chondroitin. The former plays the role of building material for joints, in particular, cartilage tissue. Glucosamine contributes to the formation of full-fledged elastic cartilage of the joints, prevents the development of inflammation in the joint tissues. It enhances the formation of joint fluid – a viscoelastic fluid that fills the joint, which promotes the sliding of the articular surfaces relative to each other. Sufficient provision of glucosamine for older people is especially important, since the formation of components of articular tissues in adults is slower, and damage to articular tissues, as a rule, occurs more easily, especially with excessive and inadequate loads. The use of glucosamine, especially in combination with chondroitin, increases the resistance of cartilage to damage, supports the regeneration of joint tissues, suppresses inflammation in the joints, and helps to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Brain Formula

This gluten-free product is meant for supporting human cognitive abilities (memory, the ability to focus, learning skills, etc.). It’s especially popular with people aged 40+. The supplement helps to ease mind fog, headaches and migraines; enhances brain functioning, and promotes alertness.

Nitric Oxide

Obviously, this Sports Illustrated Nutrition supplement contains nitric oxide (NO) – a gaseous substance, secreted by almost all cells of the body, that serves as a natural vasodilator. This means that NO causes relaxation of the muscle fibers of the vascular wall, which leads to vasodilation.

Nitric monoxide plays a particularly important role in the process of developing and maintaining an erection in men. At the first stage of erection, vascular endothelial cells and neurons of the penis produce nitric oxide. This substance, in turn, provokes an increased synthesis of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (c-GMP) and prevents its decay. Directly acting on myocytes, such a complex of active components causes relaxation of the muscle fibers of the vascular wall.
The result of the described chemical reaction is vasodilation and a rapid rush of blood to the pelvic organs. At the same time, the cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood, and the penis itself swells. Visually, this is manifested by an increase in its length and diameter, as well as the acquisition of hardness. An erect penis is a necessary condition for full-fledged sexual intercourse.
The role of nitrogen monoxide in this process is enormous. NO operates on the following principles:

  • causes relaxation of muscle cells and the primary occurrence of an erection;
  • inhibits the work of enzymes that cause the breakdown of c-GMP, increasing the filling of the penis with blood;
  • helps to maintain an erection due to the continuous production of additional nitric oxide by the endothelium of the genital organs.

With a lack of NO synthesis, a man faces impotence. Due to the lack of monoxide, an erection is either not achieved at all, or it becomes too weak for intimate relationships. Patients suffering from this form of erectile dysfunction are greatly helped by the SIN Nitric Oxide supplement that mimics the action of nitric monoxide in the human body.

Plant-Based Omega-3

Omega-3 is an extremely important element for the proper functioning of the body. In particular, thanks to this amino acid in the supplement formula:

  • the elasticity of blood vessels increases (which in turn reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke);
  • blood pressure normalizes;
  • cholesterol levels decrease;
  • joint health is maintained;
  • immunity is strengthened (the body’s resistance to infections increases);
  • the work of the CNS and brain improves;
  • mental and emotional state improves;
  • depression, irritability, and fatigue disappear.

Consumers’ Feedback

I’ve ordered several products from Sports Illustrated Nutrition. Like the service. Deliveries are fast, customer support is polite and replies quite quickly. Supplements are definitely worth their price.

Manpreet Ward, 44

I tried Sports Illustrated Nutrition Joint Health. It worked out for me. The pain disappeared almost instantly. I discontinued using the supplement a few months ago, but the effect is still present. Recommend!

Theon Morris, 58

I like SIN Protein isolate. It has a very soft taste, mixes well with any beverage basically. The bottle is enough exactly for 1 month. The supplement helped me to lose extra pounds and build lean muscles.

Gwen Dean, 33

I’ve taken various supplements by SI Nutrition and can tell for sure their dietary additives are the best! At least, they work as promised (on the contrary to their analogs).

Muskaan Wright, 40

The service is amazing! I got a 25% discount on my birthday + free delivery. Very cost-effective. Recommend!

Arjan Gibbs, 39

The brand is relatively new, but it’s 100% reliable. It’s never let me down so far.

Daniela Bush, 50

Final Thoughts

Indeed, Sports Illustrated Nutrition offers its customers great services. All their products are of high quality and clinically tested. Other benefits are as follows:


  • There is around-the-clock customer support.
  • Dietary supplements address various issues, from mood swings to joint pain. Everybody can find something to their liking and needs.
  • Orders from $50 are free to deliver.
  • The refund guarantee is active for 60 days upon the delivery date.
  • Sports Illustrated Nutrition is a 100% organic brand.


  • Sports Illustrated Nutrition doesn’t have physical shops.

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