The Best Post Workout Shake!

From what I have been reading around the web on forums and in bodybuilding magazines, many lifters are still confused about what they should put in their post workout shake. So I thought I’d post up what I consider to be the ultimate post workout shake. This is the combination that I have used for years with solid results.

I’ll list the ingredients below and why they’re essential for your shake.

The Ultimate Post Workout Shake:

  1. 30-45g of whey protein isolate
  2. 65g of dextrose
  3. 5g of creatine
  4. 5g glutamine

Whey protein isolate is the most refined form of whey contained the lowest amounts of fat and lactose. This makes it the fastest digesting form of protein available to us! Whey protein has a complete amino acid profile, which makes it the best form of protein for muscle building.

Best choice for whey: Pro Complex Whey

Dextrose is added for one simple reason, to cause an insulin spike. Insulin is an extremely anabolic hormone. When insulin levels are raised nutrients are delivered to muscle cells faster. After an intense weight training workout your body is in a catabolic (muscle breakdown) state and needs nutrients fast, the quicker the better.

Best choice for dextrose: AST DCG (of you could also use Waxy Maize Starch)

Creatine is added because during the workout you have depleted your creatine stores and this needs to be replaced. Insulin also helps deliver creatine to muscle cells much faster.

Best choice for creatine: Green Magnitude

Glutamine levels are also severely depleted throughout your workout. Workout is the most abundant amino acid in the body and also the primary fuel source for the immune system. Glutamine plays an important role in muscle repair, as well as keeping your immune system functioning at optimum capacity while your body is under stress (from training).

Best choice for glutamine: Dymatize Micronized Glutamine

That’s it! That’s what I think everyone should be having straight after they finish a weight training session.

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