• Weight Training Routines

    Weight Training Routines

    Weight Training Routines! Welcome to the weight training routines section. We’ve created several different weight training routines for different goals and experience levels. Remember, if you want to reach your goal you also need a solid diet plan and supplements…

  • Weight Training Exercises & Guides
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    Weight Training Exercises & Guides

    Below you’ll find a list of the best weight training exercises for each body part. Follow the link to read the full exercise guide and view the exercise video. The exercises on this page are the best for increasing muscle…

  • Benefits Of Weight Training!

    Benefits Of Weight Training!

    Need a reason to start weight training? I have put together a comprehensive list of the benefits of weight training. I have always said on this blog that everyone should be weight training, no matter what your goals. Weight training…

  • Get Fired Up Before Your Workouts!

    Get Fired Up Before Your Workouts!

    Weight training and building muscle is all about intensity. Unlike other disciplines that require hours of training in order to progress, weight training requires increased intensity and short training sessions. There are many ways you can increase the intensity of…

  • Variations of the Squat!

    Variations of the Squat!

    The squat is the undisputed king of all muscle building exercises! The almighty squat works an incredible 256 muscles in every rep! If you’re not squatting, you really should be. Personally I have seen incredible gains in the 2.5 years…

  • 5 Common Mistakes Made By New Lifters

    5 Common Mistakes Made By New Lifters

    When I first started training I was clueless. I didn’t know anyone that worked out, I didn’t have the cash for personal training sessions and the only information I had access to was in bodybuilding magazines. Now days new lifters…

  • Weight Training Rules - Rules To Lift By!

    Weight Training Rules – Rules To Lift By!

    When you’re new to weight training you pretty much follow workout routines straight out of the book and don’t have the knowledge to put your own spin on them, and generally don’t know enough about how your individual body works…