Weight Training Routines

Weight Training Routines!

Welcome to the weight training routines section. We’ve created several different weight training routines for different goals and experience levels.

Remember, if you want to reach your goal you also need a solid diet plan and supplements plan. Check out our bodybuilding supplements section and diet and nutrition section for information on how to feed your muscles for growth and strength!

Beginner Routines:

These weight lifting routines are designed for people who have never lifted weights before or those who have had an extended break from training. If you’re completely new to training you should use the full body workout for 3-4 weeks before starting a split routine.

  • Beginners Full Body Routine
  • Beginners 3 Day Split Routine

Bodybuilding Routines:

These bodybuilding routines are designed to increase muscle mass and gain weight. You should have some weight training experience before using these routines. If you’re a beginner, you should use one of the routines listed above for 3-4 weeks and then move on to one of these.

  • 4 Day Split Bodybuilding Workout
  • 5 Day Mass Building Workout

Strength Routines:

Build your strength with these strength focused workouts. These low rep, high weight workouts are designed for increasing strength without gaining much size. This makes them ideal for wrestlers and athletes. Again, these workouts are for the intermediate/advanced level. They are not designed for beginners!

  • 3 Day Strength Building Split Workout
  • Upper/Lower Body Power Routine

For loads of other workout routines check out the workout section over at MuscleandStrength.com. They have loads of solid workouts that are being used be thousands of people and getting good results.

If you are unsure of how to do any of the exercises in any of these workouts, check out our exercise guides. Our guides show you how to do the exercises with correct technique.

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