Hard rock for your workout: top 10 tracks for gym

Good day! The cold is gradually creeping up on the street, which means that it’s time for the “hottest” training sessions! Physical exercises harden and develop our body, so you can not quit sports in any case, regardless of what the weather is outside the window. Moreover, you can train not only on the street, but also in the gym or at home. Not in the mood? It doesn’t matter either! Heavy music will Wake anyone up and make them have a good time. Well, that’s all we need!

Hard rock for your workout

Bring me the Horizon – Crooked young

Let’s start with a good workout. Heavy rock from Bring me the Horizon will just help you concentrate on your workout and not waste time when performing warm-up exercises.

Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven

We continue to “get involved” in the training mode under the metal ballad “Wrong Side of Heaven”from the band Five Finger Death Punch. Great motivating song, and the clip is even more recommended to check out separately. Very decent video.

Bullet For My Valentine – Hand Of Blood

We are gaining momentum in training together with the heavyweight from Bullet For My Valentine. Listening to heavy music while playing sports is still good, because the roar of guitars and the beat of drums and encourage you to do a little more repetitions 😉

Slipknot – Before I Forget

And here, probably, any comments are superfluous. The most powerful hit of the group Slipknot, which today is madly slamming is not far from the first generation of young metalheads. Well, who said that metal is not music for sports? Load your barbell with pancakes almost to the maximum, turn on this track and then you will understand that the rhythm of heavy music really makes the athlete progress. Yes, and the sports themselves with music passes quickly and cheerfully.

Marilyn Manson – Ka-Boom Ka-Boom

Another just wildly explosive heavy music for training. To this song, you will not only lift a heavy barbell or a kettlebell, but also take off from the spot so that you will run the 100-meter race almost on a par with a Sprinter. Whatever the sports orientation of the training, motivation in the form of musical compositions will definitely make it more effective and more driving.

Papa Roach – Between Angels And Insects

Nu-metal is also great music for sports, and the track Between Angels and Insects only confirms this. If in doubt, just click “play” and listen 😉


Sports or fitness music in Russian also has a place to be. If we take the genre of heavy metal, then in the entire post-Soviet space there is hardly a group more popular than Aria. Today we offer to recall the hit “Demons”, which was performed by the soloist at that time in this band Valery Kipelov.

The Behemoth – Here And Beyond

We continue to maintain a brisk pace of training, and the track “Here and Beyond” by “the Behemoth”helps us in this. The composition is dynamic to motivate you to play sports and do “kachem” with iron, but at the same time it is quite melodic, which is also important.

P.O.D. – Boom

Now it’s time to finish the training smoothly. But there’s still powder in the flasks, isn’t there? Let’s light up for the last time under the explosive track of the group P. O. D. “Boom”. Most of all, this music is suitable for training in the gym with iron, although it will also be interesting and driving to listen to it on street bars or even on the Playground 😉

System Of A Down – Toxicity

And we offer to finish our training with a melodic hit from the famous S. O. A. D. this track also has explosive moments, so if you want, you can still work out the ending of the training.

That’s the kind of heavy metal music we have today for training. What do you think? In our opinion, different genres are necessary, different genres are important 😉 So there is a variety in the sports playlist, and you can choose the mood for various exercises. All forces, sports success and not fading motivation!

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