Review of BSN’s True Mass

Here’s y take on BSN’s True Mass weight gain supplement. I comment on taste, mixability, effectiveness, price and overall value.

In the past you could say I’ve been a bit bias when it comes to weight gain supplements. The truth is I have tried a lot of weight gainers, and all of them apart from CytoGainer and N-Large II had at least 1 thing I didn’t like about them. Some tasted like ass, others didn’t mix well, and my pet hate with weight gainers, some were full of filler ingredients and high in sugar and lactose.

I am lucky enough to have a friend who works at my local GNC, so he gets me good deals from time to time. He’s a big True Mass fan and said if I want to try it he can get me a real good deal. So why not!?

My Experiences With True Mass:

Taste: Whoever designed the taste on this probably used to work at a milkshake bar!! That’s pretty much what it tastes like, a thick strawberry milkshake! I was impressed by the taste, I’d even go as far as saying it’s better tasting than N-Large II (just!).

Mixability: Yeah no problems here. I don’t use blenders and it mixed fine in my shaker.

Effectiveness: I can’t say that True Mass is less or more effective than CytoGainer or N-Large because my weight gains were about exactly the same. My clean bulking goal is 1lb increase in bodyweight per week and I hit that with all 3 weight gainers. So I’d have to say effectiveness is equal.

Price: Compared to the other two, you get slapped a bit on the price. It’s around $54 for 10lbs of N-Large II and it’s $39 for 5.75lbs of True Mass, so do the maths.

Overall: I liked it. Taste wise it was brilliant, it mixed easily, full of the right stuff and as effective as it’s competitors. The only thing I didn’t like was the price. But I know some people would easily sacrifice the price to get a weight gainer that tasted as good as a milkshake

Anyone else tried True Mass? If you have, leave your comments below!


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