Weight Training Rules – Rules To Lift By!

When you’re new to weight training you pretty much follow workout routines straight out of the book and don’t have the knowledge to put your own spin on them, and generally don’t know enough about how your individual body works and how it reacts to different types of training. Weight training and muscle building is a constant learning curve. You speak to the most experienced bodybuilders, athletes and coaches and they all say (well, the good ones do) that you should never stop learning.

That being being said, there are some rules that apply to weight training. Rules that you need to know in order to understand training, and tailoring your training program to your needs. Here at what I consider, the rules of weight training…

Rules to Lift By:

  1. Intensity builds muscle. Without it, you won’t grow or get stronger.
  2. Less is more. Quality intense weight training have been proven time and time again to give the best results for both muscle and strength gains.
  3. Nutrition is the cornerstone of your weight training lifestyle. Yes, I said lifestyle. Because that’s what lifting weights is all about. You live it, you love it.
  4. Momentum is your enemy. As a general rule, zero momentum should be used when lifting weights. Some specialized training programs use it, but if your goal is strength and size, slow and controlled movements rule.
  5. Adapt your routine to suit your body. What I mean by this is, listen to what your body is telling you and adjust your workout accordingly. If you feel you’re at a plateau, switch it up. Feeling tired, take a week off and recuperate.
  6. Overtraining will kill gains, and quickly. Train smart. Go back to rule number one, intense and hard.
  7. Increase something in your workout every session. Could be another rep, could be upping the weight, could be a superset. Progression is paramount. Small steps to reach a big goal.
  8. Always back your training up with solid nutrition and supplementation.
  9. Always warm up. This may not hit home right now, but as you get older you’ll realize just how important it is to take care of your muscles and joints. If you’re injured, you can’t train. Regular weight trainers know that stopping training from injury is like locking a dog in a cage.
  10. Motivate. Motivate. Motivate. Whatever floats you boat. Watch videos, stick pictures up, talk on forums, go to competitions, whatever. It’s up to the individual.

Remember these rules and apply them to your own training plan. Any questions just post below.

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